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Uddevalla bridge

The country's longest motorway bridge.
Uddevalla bridge stretches majestically over Sunningesund. Already in the distance the mighty pylons appears which, like steadfast guardians extends 149 meters into the sky. Bohuslän lifeblood E6 earlier went in a loop through Uddevalla and the new motorway route shortened the route between Gothenburg and Oslo by 12.8 km. The first sod for Sunningeleden where the bridge is, was taken in autumn 1996 and Uddevalla Bridge was inaugurated with royal pomp and ceremony 19 May 2000.
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Beach walk

Beach walk, and especially the stretch Swedish Holmen-Ship Creek-Gustafsberg-Lindesnäs, has become Uddevalla residents' pride. Now in the year 2009 was the addition of the SRA to the most beautiful roads price!
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Moose park "Moose of Anneröd"

See the moose in their natural habitat. Visit our Moose Park north of Uddevalla in Bohuslän.

Here at Anneröds Farm, we live in harmony with nature. Now, we have opened the doors to our newly built elk paradise.
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Sweden's only culture marked path - Rikstvåan

Road memory Rikstvåan is the only culture marked path. 680 m from the motoring childhood has been saved from decay. 1997 a road union was formed by the residents by the road and with support from various quarters managed to renovate and restore the old paved road from the 1930s year of famine.
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