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UteGuiderna - adventure company

Our business concept is to provide high quality outdoor education and business events on the West Coast, as well as first-class outdoor equipment in our shop. Currently, we offer activities and training in sea kayaking, rafting, rock climbing, ice climbing, survival and mountain trips.
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Climbing day in Bohuslän

Before you are sure you want to join a basic course and learn how to climb serious, you might want to try out, feel how it feels, familiarize you some. We take you on a safe introduction and have a nice day for a suitable rock. And we feel sure that you will be caught.
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Continuation in climbing

A continuation course will help you further in the vertical world. You will learn the basics of what makes you widen your climb view and you may have an even greater experience. Your limitations are becoming fewer and your opportunities more, after a second course with us.
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Basic course in rock climbing

Welcome to the vertical world. Climbing is a great activity and Bohuslän is one of Sweden's finest areas to climb in. Our basic course is your ticket to something that can become a lifelong love affair.
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