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Collection of boats at Bassholmen

The collection of boats at Bassholmen is displayed in the old shipyard building on the island. The collection consists of machinery, tools, boats and motors.
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Bohusläns museum

Bohuslän Museum is the country's most visited County Museum with 300,000 visitors. Discover Bohuslän Museum you also. We have free admission.
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Swedish Seamen's Museum

Swedish Seamen's Museum is the only surviving enrollment house for seafarers with a period furnished enrollment office. The museum displays exhibits about life on board and on the war sailors during World War II.
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Bohuslän Military Museum

Showing Bohuslän Regiment Bohus County history through wars.

See the models of the Bohus fortress and Backamo camp and makes a visit to the soldier's cottage No 57 Lövhem in the beautiful Regimental Park. Makes a historical visit and follow Bohuslän Regiment throughout the ages.
The museum can in addition to regular hours be open for groups and guided tours by appointment.
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Shell Bank Museum

The world's largest shell banks are in Uddevalla. These completely unique formations formed over 10,000 years ago when the inland ice melted. At Uddevalla a bay was formed with cold and nutrient-rich water. A very favorable environment occurred for both attached and free-swimming marine animals.
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