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Partially located in Uddevalla. The bog is interesting not least from the teaching point of view. This provides good opportunities to study the mire different overgrowth phases.
Wide bog is almost completely untouched, and in addition to the scientific qualities are great scenic beauty with high round lots offer sweeping views of the area.
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Gustafsberg - nature conservation area

Covering the beaches on the south side of Byfjord and adjacent mountain sections south of it. Central to the area are the famous seaside resort Gustafsberg dating from the 1700s.
Coniferous forests with spruce dominance covers most of the rock-bound terrain. To the east along the entrance road to Uddevalla is lower lots, Bodeleån cutting deep into the clay-rich sediments.
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Gullmarsfjorden - nature conservation area

Gullmarn is with 25 km long and 1-3 km wide by far the largest of Bohuslän fjords. It is located in the border zone between the south-western gneiss region and the Bohuslän granite field and is a true threshold fjord. The dominant nature conservation interest has attracted the fjord marine fauna.
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Tjöstelsröd - nature conservation area

Nature conservation area is located in a transition zone between the Broad mountain to the east and the coastal land to the west. The brook with its gorges are a central part of the area.
It houses a valuable trout strain, and represents the surrounding vegetation, a rich environment for bird life. Several trails in the area makes it easily accessible for hiking. A series of rapids and waterfalls are spectacular feature of the landscape. Silver fall with a drop of 25 m in the east of Little Lake Skar. Ekhagen in the north-western part includes seven natural monuments protected giant oaks.
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Herrestadfjället- Nature Reserve

Forest area with plenty of rocky ground, swamps and lakes. The older forests in the southeastern and northwestern parts of the reserve has an age of 100-130 years: Around St Stussvattnet reigns calm in one of the reserve's more untouched "forest cores". Through the area are many hiking trails. In winter there are open cabins at St Kölnevattnet, V Krokevattnet och Kärrevattnet. Game fish have been planted in some lakes and at Pölevatten is a bridge for disabled anglers.
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Emaus - Korpberget, nature reserves

The two nature reserves Emaus and Korpberget form a continuous surface that connects directly to Uddevalla urban areas in the south. Most of the surface is covered by mixed forest with dominant broadleaf trees and pines. On the hillside to the west and in gullies on favorable sites developed a grove vegetation of oak, elm, ash, beech and hazel, and a rich field layer flora, which has its main condition of the element of basic rocks in the bedrock. Here it is possible to encounter botanical rarities such as forest sedges and grasses lundlosta and strävlosta.
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Bredfjället - Nature Reserve

Bredfjället is a plateau area east of Ljungskile, characterized by forests and marshes and numerous lakes. Several roads leading into the area which is criss-crossed by paths. Among other things, passing Bohusleden through the reserve east. Like the other "mountain areas" in Bohuslän inland was Bredfjället in 1700 - and 1800's, an almost treeless country. It was greatly influenced by farming on the many small farms, where all arable land used as arable and the barren, ljungbexäxta outlying fields used for grazing. Many cultural relics are still there and can tell about a hard life and poverty.
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Ture dalar - nature reserve

The reserve is located directly adjacent to the urban area in the east of Uddevalla. Hale County, a small tributary of the Bäveån, has here cut deep into the soil layers and formed a canyon system that are mostly wooded.
The soil is highly shell mixed and this has given rise to a rich flora. On the hillsides grow plenty of elm, oak, maple, hazel and olvon with a rich herbaceous vegetation, while the Al dominates the bottom of the ravine. A path leads along the creek flows through the entire area. Canyon is a popular walking area for the population of the city, especially in spring flower bed.
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Svartedalen - nature conservation area

Reserve Svartedalen includes an impressive ravine about 1.5 km northwest of Bokenäs church. Ravines west of the creek consists mainly of pasture and above it connects a 50-100 wide belt of beech wood. Several beech trees are of impressive size. Deciduous forest environment of the canyon houses a rich birdlife, including tawny owl, green woodpecker, black woodpecker, wood pigeon, dippers, Warbler and Long-tailed Tit.
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Bassholmen - KärIingesund, nature reserves

The two nature reserves Bassholmen and kärIingesund form a single unit, greatly influenced by the flowing water that separates Bokenäset from Skaftö, northern currents and Vägeröds gutter.
Bassholmen is characterized by a peculiar and beautiful landscape with trees lined the narrow valley routes to the east and vast, open grazed grassland in the central region. To the northwest is an area of ??continuous pine forests that is by grazing open and appealing.
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Gullmarsberg- Nature Reserve

The area consists of a beautiful beech forest located immediately south of Gullmarsvik. The forest consists of tall straight Stamm book with modest hints of birch, oak and hazel. The area offers a number of small al-lined gullies.
The area has great educational value, for example, by the typical species-rich meadow the beech forest.
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Restored birdlake unique to Bohuslän in the natural beauty and tranquil landscape northeast of Ljungskile. There are many nesting swim birds, wading birds and other species. It is an important resting place for migratory birds, including cranes in the spring. Ice-free winters, one comes across large flocks of whooper swans, goldeneye and mallard. From the large tower at the lake you have a good view of the lake.
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