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KynnefjällsNatur, Hedekas

At KynnefjällsNaturs facility, there is much to do. include:

- Hire a boat and fishing gear
- Wander
- Canoeing
- Cycle routes
- Comrade Line (pictured at left)
- Points Walking
- Triathlon in the mini-shooting
- Giant Puzzle & Match Problem
- Bath

Please note that all events must be booked in advance

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Boat trips and seal safaris

One way to experience the more than 8000 islands, islets and the rich wildlife in Bohuslän is to go with one of the many boat tours offered by the various coastal towns. Explore the seal colony on the Weather Islands, fishing for mackerel or why not a shrimp cruise? The old authentic fishing otter M / S Donalda offers such seal safari and bathing to weather islands with the output from Grebbestad. The traditional Zita boats are popular for sea fishing and in late summer mackerel fishing is very popular. Zita boats operate mainly the area around Kungshamn and Smögen. If you want to discover different destinations such as Marstrand, Smögen, Käringön and Bass Holmen then M / S Byfjord departs daily during peak season from Uddevalla, and that they also make with shrimp cruises in the evening.
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Smögenbryggan, Smögen

Summertime is Smögen bridge one of Swedens largest tourist destination and is located along the south side of Smögen old fishing port. The bridge begins at the fishing grounds and is approximately one kilometer long. Variety of shops, cafes, bars and restaurants are great and there is something for all tastes.
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Bohus Fortress, Kungälv

Bohus Fortress was built in the autumn of 1308 by the then Norwegian king Håkon V Magnusson. During the fortress 500-year history it has been through 14 sieges, but it has never been over taken. The fortress became Swedish in the Peace of Roskilde 1658. During the summer there are organized tours and entertainment.
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Molecular Workshop, Stenungsund

Molecular workshop is an experience rich science center with its unique specialization in Chemistry and Plastics. Through interactive experiments, you experience the exciting world of molecules. In the exhibition everyone will find, big or small, something exciting to do. We offer school programs, teacher training, holidays programs and children's parties. Our outreaching educators makes visit at your school or preschool. In Molecular workshop you will also get insight into how Stenungsunds Petrochemical Industries is related. Groups can book visits to the industrial complex.
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Bohuslän Museum, Uddevalla

The exhibitions shows Bohuslän history already from the Stone Age, but a large proportion take up the history of the herring fishery, which affected the province's development a lot. Slide show, lecture hall. There is also a small Bohuslän society with docks and boat houses where kids can walk around and explore. There is also a restaurant with Bohuslän specialties.
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Ocean House, Lysekil

The west coast has a fascinating wildlife and if you want to experience it as close as possible without having to go diving course then go to the Ocean House in Lysekil. Study squid, view colorful sea anemones and familiarize yourself with sharks! On the Ocean House are a total of 40 aquariums, and at some can actually feel the animals. There is a cafeteria with fantastic views of the Gullmar Fjord, and a well-stocked gift shop.
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Nordic Watercolour Museum, Skärhamn

The only Scandinavian museum for watercolor art lies in Skärhamn, on Tjörn. We could add? at the sea. This red house is custom built and dedicated to watercolor art and located along the shoreline in Skärhamn, 7 mil north of Gothenburg. The museum also has a shop with gifts and watercolor articles and an enjoyable restaurant? Water? serving everything from gourmet to café approach. The building also houses conference facilities, children's studio and a testing ground for research and teaching in watercolor. Here are organized seminars and courses for those wishing to learn more about watercolor painting.
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Nordic Ark, Smögen

Get ready for an exciting encounter with pandas, snow leopards and wolves. Nordic Ark at Smögen is working to save and preserve endangered species. There are more than 50 fascinating species! Nordic Ark want to increase understanding of the animals and their value. The actual park is a nature park with large areas and varied flora. There are guided tours and children's activities and after a long day in the park, it may be good with a cup of coffee in the café Stallet.
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Marstrand and Carlstens Fortress

Marstrand is one of the most famous coastal towns at the west coast and is well known for the intense boating, Carlstens fortress as well as royal splendor. King Oscar II's island has been since the 1800s been an international gathering place for parties and sailing. Summer at Marstrand offers a variety of events and events for children of all ages. Why not bring with mom and dad on the pirate tour, film festival, racing, ghost walk or Fortress Game?
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Koster Islands outside of Strömstad

Experience Sweden's most westerly inhabited islands. The islands are car free and has a peculiar geology and moderate climate. Rent a bike and get around Koster at your own pace. Swim from one of the many sandy beaches. Boats depart daily from Strömstad.
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Vitlycke rock carvings, Tanum

In Tanum World Heritage area lies Vitlycke Museum, a visitors facility with the theme rock carvings and Bronze Age. The museum offers an opportunity for visitors to self-seeking knowledge in the reference libraries, archives and in a database with rock images. There are exhibits, a reconstructed Bronze Age farm where you can see everyday life in the Bronze Age, slideshows, shop and cafe / restaurant.
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Bowling Hall

In our bowling alley you can receive instruction to learn the basics. You can borrow balls and shoes in the hall.
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