Restaurant MEATINGS

Our philosophy is as simple as genius we think; just make you happy.

Whether you are eating with us during lunch or in the evening, we will always do our utmost to make you one of our regular guests.

We offer you classic cooked food for lunch. There we have a concept based on the fact that the food is going to get fast.
All in order for you to have more time to enjoy your lunch break.

In the evening we serve a luxurious buffet with what we like best meat
Norra Drottninggatan 26
451 30 Uddevalla
At our buffet you can eat just how much you want, and there is always something for every taste.

For us, good ingredients are very important, therefore our buffet always varies a little depending on what is in season.

Our tapas-inspired table,
here you will find different types of olives, cheeses, marmalades and chark.

Salad table
Here you have a variety of fresh salads, spices, cold sauces and bread.

In front of the chef
Once upon a time at our open kitchen you will find our good chefs, which each evening tranches the meat for our guests. Here you will find one
variety of hot items such as good sauces, vegetables, potato dishes and
of course our own favorite - the grilled meat dishes.

Our buffet is very allergy-friendly, but if you are unsure we will be happy to help you.

Warm welcome to us at Meatings
We are a cash-free meeting place.
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